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4 Things to do after buying Travel Insurance


Bought travel insurance? Now what? What happens after you buy travel insurance? Usually, many of us have an assumption that once we buy a travel insurance policy, we’re done with our jobs; however, this is not it.

You might have chosen the best plan basis your needs but what if the bubble bursts and you get to know that it isn’t the right plan for you? In such a case, you’ll have to start from square one.

What’s on the plate for you here?

Well, here are 4 things to be taken into account while buying a travel insurance policy. These pointers will make sure that you end up buying a policy with the right coverage required for your trip.


Here’s the catch!


1. Collect all the relevant documents of the policy:

Once you buy a travel insurance plan, you’ll get a confirmation via email on your registered email ID. This’ll be your document of confirmation that consists of general information about the chosen plan. The email will have important information such as effective dates and policy number. Above all, it also contains the emergency contact numbers that can be used to call your insurance provider in the event of any unforeseen situation during your vacation.

Take print out of the emergency contact numbers and keep it safe with you during the trip. Moreover, you must keep an extra copy of the document. You may upload a soft copy of this document on ‘cloud’ so that you have access to it from anywhere, anytime.


2. Reviewing your policy, Description of Coverage and Certification:

Free look period is offered by all travel insurance providers. Free look period is a set number of days after you buy the plan. During this period you can review your travel insurance policy and return it for a full reimbursement if you’re not satisfied with your plan. You can avail this facility only if you’ve not registered a claim or left for the trip.

It is recommended to read the fine prints of your policy document, description of coverage, or certificate and ensure you understand the coverage in the policy completely.


3. Go through the Exclusions:

This is a different part of making use of your free look period astutely. The certificate, description of the coverage, policy document will have exclusions. The exclusions are the clauses that are not covered by under the policy. You must read the list of exclusions thoroughly and ensure that you understand the coverage entirely.


4. In case of claim questions, immediately contact your insurance provider:

This part is extremely important. In case you get into a situation where you’ll have to register a claim, you must get hold of your insurance provider right away. Moreover, if you wish to change your policy or have to clear insurance related doubts, you must call your insurance company.

The insurance company will be able to give the best possible advice basis your circumstances, arrange support (if needed), answer all your questions related to policy. Travel insurance companies offer 24*7 assistance via toll-free numbers; you can make the best use out of it.


Up to you!

Unforeseen situation overseas can burn a hole in your pocket. Here, a travel insurance policy can help you save your money and make your trip worry-free. You can buy travel insurance, but be careful about buying one. You must know the aforementioned factors while buying travel insurance.


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