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Ways to know if your Bike Insurance Policy is Genuine


Riding without a bike insurance policy is illegal in India. Insuring the bike with a two-wheeler insurance policy can protect you against man-made as well as natural calamities. In a bid to save money, bike owners often end up buying policy from unknown sources. 


Discuss With Your Insurer: 

In case you have a doubt regarding the policy and think it is not genuine, then the easiest way to get your suspicion clear is by reaching out to the company. You can now easily reach out to your insurance company by calling on their toll free number, emailing them or connecting them via social media. Dropping at the nearest branch is also an option you can resort to.


Ask For Invoice: 

When paying the premium, make sure the insurer gives you a receipt of the same. When buying policy online, the insurer will send you an e-receipt and when buying from the agent, ensure you get the premium payment receipt of the same.


Check All The Details:

When you receive the policy documents, don't forget to check important details such as the insured declared value, no claim bonus, policy issuance date, etc.



Always inculcate the habit of signing all the documents by yourself. Be it any financial transaction or even the insurance policy, read through the policy documents carefully and never let anyone else sign the form on your behalf.


Check The Insurer:

Always check if the insurer exists on the IRDA website, in case you have any concern regarding the genuineness of your policy. There are over 33-34 general insurance companies in India and over 10 insurance brokers who have the license to sell policies online.


Verification Link: 

Few insurers send you a verification link which you are required to click on to validate the purchase of the policy. By clicking on the link, you can be certain that the insurance policy issued to you is genuine.


Credible Source: 

Always purchase insurance from top general insurers who have been in the business of selling insurance for over 20-30 years now. One of the easiest ways to be sure about the purchase of the policy is to directly buy one from the insurance company's website. 


Low Premium: 

Do not get duped into buying the policy that comes with a low premium. Always check for the premium quotes online and take a look at the coverage offered under the policy.


Online Payment: 

Online payment mode is secured and credible as your bank statement does reflect the transaction made. Also, when you buy the bike insurance through an agent, always issue the cheque on the name of the insurance company and not the agent.


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