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4 Mantras to save money by comparing travel insurance policy


Comparing should ideally be your mantra whenever you shop something; be it shoes, clothes, furniture or for that matter even travel insurance! Yeah, you got it right. You should compare different policies from different insurers simply because you would save a lot of money as well as zero down on the best possible travel insurance plan. If you give a miss to this important mantra, you may end up paying a higher premium for a travel insurance plan not capable enough to approve your travel insurance claim.


If you do not know how to go about it, here are some important tips for you:


1. Shop online to compare different travel insurance plans

There are so many general insurers that offer excellent travel insurance policies in India. There are certain online portals too where you can compare the quotes of different travel insurance companies and purchase a policy as per your requirement. Today the online marketplace is flourishing with different online aggregators and online brokers to fulfill your needs for a travel insurance plan. This is how you get exposure to more and more options to finalize one. Comparing travel insurance plan would help you save on the cost as well as accomplish your desire to buy the best travel insurance policy. However, it is good to not just view the cost prospective. Do ensure to compare the features, benefits as well as the exclusions of the travel insurance plan.


2. Opt for a door-to-door travel insurance plan

It is best to choose a travel insurance plan that offers coverage to you right from the time you move out of your house to start your trip till the time you are back to your home-sweet-home. Therefore, it is good to opt for comprehensive travel insurance plans that offer coverage even to the smallest of contingencies while travelling. This way you would save on the financial complication that may incur due to any contingency while your head for your trip till the time you come back.


3. Read the policy document carefully

Ensure that you read the travel insurance policy document thoroughly to understand what the policy offers and what it doesn’t. Keep an eagle’s eye for coverage’s that come with an extra costs so that your travel insurance premium won’t go higher.


Say for example, if you have purchased a home insurance policy, you would be offered coverage for any loss due to a theft or burglary. In such a scenario, it doesn’t make sense to buy a travel insurance plan that offers coverage for the contents or the things in your house against theft or burglary in your absence is not required.


At the same time, in case you wish to travel with your entire family, there won’t be a necessity to buy coverage for compassionate visit. Therefore, always buy a travel insurance plan that offers coverage as per your requirement. Comparing travel insurance plans will help in cutting down the unwanted cost and save some money on the associated premium.


4. Opt for an annual travel insurance plan if you fly too often

So many travel insurers offer annual multi-trip travel insurance plans that offer coverage for multiple trips taken during a year. Such travel insurance plans are pocket-friendly than single-trip travel insurance plans that buy when you travel as a frequent flyer in a year. Such yearly travel insurance plans rule out the troubles of purchasing a travel insurance plan every time you plan your trip. You can go online and compare travel insurance plans of different insurers to buy an annual travel insurance plan.


Trust us; you can save money if you indulge in Comparing travel insurance policies post fixing your travel plans.  


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