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Five Easy Steps to Renew Car Insurance Online


Earlier, renewing car insurance was a time-consuming and tedious process- calling the insurance agent, scheduling a meeting, filing out the documents and then getting the policy papers after a month or so. But today with technological advancement, car insurance renewal has now become a cakewalk. You simply enter your vehicle details, make the payment online and the policy is delivered in your inbox in no time. If you are looking to renew your expired car insurance policy online, then here are a few steps to follow.


Step 1: Decide on the type of insurance cover you want

As we know, car insurance policies are of two types-third party insurance and comprehensive insurance. A third party covers damages, injuries and even death caused to third person or property, a comprehensive cover is a pure own damage cover offering third party protection as well. Insuring your car with a third party cover is mandatory as per the law. But it is always advisable to opt for comprehensive cover as it ensures you complete peace of mind.


Step 2: Compare various insurers

Today online insurance brokers make it easy for you to zero down on the best car insurance plan for your car by giving you an option of comparison. You can now compare car insurance premium rates, coverage, add-ons, etc. offered by different insurers. Depending on your budget and requirement, you can always opt for the insurer that best suits your vehicle. Ideally, you should always opt for an insurer offering best pre-sale and post-sale service and also has a good claim settlement ratio. Read online reviews to get a better idea of the insurance company.


Step 3: Submit your details

Once you have finalized on the type of insurance and the insurer you want to insure your car with, visit the company or the insurance broker website. Register yourself on the website and proceed by submitting your basic details. Once you have logged in, to renew your policy, you would have to also enter your below details. Full name, address, car make and model details, registration number, previous policy number, add-ons and payment details.


Step 4: Enhance the coverage of your car with add-ons

Opting for a comprehensive car insurance policy let’s you enhance the coverage by selecting the below add-ons.

  • Zero depreciation: Adding this add-on to your policy ensures that the depreciation factor of your car is not considered at the time of claim. This add-on can offer you discount of up to 50%.
  • Roadside assistance: As the name suggests, if you are stuck in the middle of a road, then this add-on can offer you facilities such as minor repair, towing, jump start, etc.
  • NCB Protect: This add-on allows you to retain your NCB even if you have made two claims in a year.
  • Return to invoice: If your car is fully damaged due to any natural calamity or theft, then the insurance company will compensate you as per the ex-showroom price of your car.
  • Engine protection: If the engine of your car is damaged, this add-on covers the cost of its replacement and repair.
  • Loss of personal belongings: If you lose your expensive belongings such as laptop, smartphone, etc. from the car, then having this add-on ensures you claim the cost of the same.


Step 5: Make the payment

Proceed to make the payment after you have selected the type of car insurance and the add-ons you want to purchase. On making the payment you will receive the renewed car insurance policy in your mailbox in just a few minutes. You will receive the renewed policy in a PDF format, you can then take a print out and carry the same while plying your car on the road. Renewed car insurance policy online is a legal document and you can always show it when the authorities ask you for the insurance papers.


Isn’t car insurance renewal online an easy process? We told you so.



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