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How can you claim car insurance after the accident?


If you happen to find yourself in a car accident, it will definitely be a road accident. The accident would be the result of two cars colliding with each other or even a car hurting another person on the road. This would result in property damage or even in some situations death of one of the parties involved.  However, property damage may occur in both collisions and non collisions also.


When one has been through the trauma of an accident, the first thought that runs through every mind is the safety of self and preservation of the people involved and the car involved too. Another recurring thought that might gnaw at the brain would be car insurance and the impact that the accident would have on a driving record. These thoughts may cause extra stress along with the stress of the undergoing trauma of the accident. In such times stress can come as an exemplified non invited guest.


Before thoughts turn to actions its time to breathe calm your nerves. The simple first steps will be crucial

  • Call the police for extra assistance at one
  • Call yourlawyer; they will give you sound advice in the case of an accident caused by you.


Once you have consulted all the parties in charge, its time to claim your motor insurance for the same.


  • Make an informed note of all things that occurred during the accident. The minute details are the ones that will help you get your claim. Its best to give all the information gathered when making a claim to the insurance company.Take down the names of all the witnesses that were in and around at that time. While making claims for the insurance these people would be helpful to second the happenings of that time.
  • Taking pictures of the accident site would be most helpful and will carry most importance if the other party is at fault. The pictures of the site will bring more authenticity to the claim that is being made to the car insurance company
  • If you find yourself the injured party, its best to also record in words the nature of your injury during the accident while staking a claim.
  • If the matter has been reported to the police, it is mandatory for the person claiming the insurance to have the registered case number. In the aforementioned case, the details of the other party, who might be at fault, will also help in claiming of the insurance.
  • Incase of injury it is advisable to first go to the hospital to get treated in the event of the accident. A comprehensive doctor’s report for the nature of injuries sustained would help tremendously.
  • Keeping a file of all the expenses during that time would be really helpful and would cause ease to the person. Medical and other bills submitted would help in claiming the insurance at the earliest.
  • One of the most important things to keep in mind while claiming insurance in the case of a car accident is to file the claim in a stipulated amount of time. Barring which it would get difficult to get the claim from the car insurance company.


Nevertheless, each company has its own set of rules for the claimant.  It’s best to stay calm and call the insurer or the agent for the procedure that one has to follow. Filing the claim should only be made in case the claim for the car insurance is high.


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