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Four Things to Do When Buying a Second Hand Car in India


Many drivers, especially new drivers think of purchasing a second hand car before opting for a brand new one altogether. This is done to test the driving skills and also to save on costs before splurging big on getting a new vehicle altogether. If you are looking to buy a second hand car, then you should keep the below four things in mind before making the purchase.


1. Inspect the car and its paper thoroughly

Catch hold of a trustworthy car mechanic and get the vehicle inspected. Also, check on the below list of documents

Thoroughly check the insurance papers of the car to ascertain if the car has been previously involved in any accident or not. Check the NCB, higher the NCB, the better. Note if the engine and chassis number match with the registration papers. Ensure that you get the car’s air, fuel, transmission, oil and other filters check as it will help you get an idea about its maintenance by the previous owner. If possible, get the filters changed. Get the brakes checked to see if it isn’t making any unpleasant noise or is vibrating. Tyres also need to be checked and should be of the same size to ensure a smooth ride. Check the hood of the car to notice any signs of damage, dents or rust.


2. Get the vehicle registration certificate transferred in your name

Visit the RTO and get form 29 and 30. Fill the form and submit it along with the required documents such as Aadhar card, PAN card, utility bills, etc. If the car is registered in different RTO, then you will have to get a NOC issued by the RTO in which the car was originally registered. After submission of the required documents, the RC will be issued to you after 40-45 days.


3. Get the car insurance papers in your name

This is one of the most important things to do as you won’t be eligible to receive any coverage if the registration certificate is in your name and the insurance papers are still in the name of the previous car owner.


If the previous owner has a car insurance policy, then do the following: Submit the below documents to the insurance company

  • Old insurance documents
  • NOC received from the previous car owner
  • New application form
  • Copy of the registration certificate
  • No claim bonus difference amount
  • Inspection report given to you by the insurance company


In case the previous owner does not have an insurance policy, do the following;

  • Insuring the car is mandatory as per the law. To buy a new vehicle for the second hand vehicle, contact the insurance company and get the vehicle inspected. You will then be issued a policy in your name.


4. Transfer your no claim bonus

You are not eligible to receive the no claim bonus given to the previous policyholder. If you have had a car in the past and have an applicable NCB, the simply provide the insurer with the NCB retention letter for availing a discount on the premium.


Pls note: Other important things to check:

  • Check form 32 and 35 to ensure that know if there is any impending no loan on the car you are purchasing
  • Get the original invoice of the car in case you are buying the used vehicle on loan.
  • Get NOC issued from the car finance company.
  • Also get an NOC copy from the car finance company.
  • Ensure that you always carry a valid PUC certificate.


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