Travel Insurance Claim

Travel Insurance Claim takes care of some of the things that might go wrong on your vacation or a business trip.


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Things appear to be in control, when you are backed by a travel insurance policy whether you are on a family trip or a business trip.

But having a clear idea of the claim process is also very important. Usually, every travel insurance company has a designated ‘Assistance Service Provider’ (ASP), who is your one-point contact should a situation for a claim arise. Inform the ASP at the soonest possible in case you want to register a claim in the foreign country or after coming back to India. Do not forget to attach the original travel ticket or boarding pass and the original or a photocopy of your passport that mentions the travel date.

Types of Baggage Losses

Total Loss of Checked-In Baggage

Total Loss of Checked-In Baggage

• In case you do not get the baggage delivery of one or more checked-in luggage, you should immediately inform the Common Carrier and the ASP • Documents required: Claim settlement form mentioning the value and details of the items, Property Irregularity Report, Voucher from the Common Carrier mentioning the compensation amount for non-delivery of the items, Proof of ownership in case the amount of the value exceeds USD 100

Delay of Checked-In Baggage

Delay of Checked-In Baggage

• In case you do not get the delivery of your checked-in baggage as per the schedule that would result in a delay, promptly intimate the Common Carrier and the ASP • Documents required: Property Irregularity Report and Voucher from the Common Carrier mentioning the compensation amount for the delay

Step by Step Procedure for Claiming .. 

  • Inform the hospital about the travel insurance cover along with the ASP details
  • Inform the ASP about the hospitalization
  • In case of a planned hospitalization, you can also avail a cashless facility for which you need to intimate at least 5 days before admission.
  • In case of an emergency hospitalization, you can intimate within a day or so
  • In case of a reimbursement claim, you can inform the insurance company within 30 days from the date of treatment completion in the hospital
  • Documents required would be: Medical reports, discharge certificate, all other hospital bills and receipts

  • Immediately inform the police the moment you come to know about the loss of your passport. Having a jurisdiction over the place of loss is important. Meanwhile do inform your ASP
  • Documents required would be: Details of the attempts you have made for tracing the passport, FIR in original, Statement of claim of the expenditures, Payment receipt to obtain the emergency certificate at the place of the loss of passport and Payment receipt to get the duplicate passport abroad

  • Intimate the ASP in case you cause a bodily injury or damage a third-party property
  • Give details of the scenario that caused the liability
  • Documents required would be: FIR copy, Statement of claim mentioning the details of the eventuality leading to the liability

  • Inform the police immediately in case of an accident
  • Immediately inform the ASP about the accidental death/ disabilities
  • Documents required would be: Medical reports furnishing the details of the accident, extent of disability as well as the nature of injury, death certificate in case of accidental death, Postmortem report if required or conducted, Original FIR.

  • Immediately inform the ASP in case your flight had a delayed landing ending up missing the connecting flight.
  • Furnish all the details of the flights, place of delay, arrival time (actual), period of delay
  • Documents required would be: Flight confirmation mentioning the ETA  as well as actual arrival time of the flight, unused ticket for the missed connection endorsing the same, Certificate from the airline on missing the connection along with the amount of forfeiture

Some of the frequently asked questions about Travel Insurance Claims

To ensure that you get to experience a peaceful and relaxed trip, you should compare travel insurance plans of different insurers. Here is a list of features you should compare before buying insurance:

  • Pre-existing diseases: Ensure you read the policy terms and conditions for pre-existing diseases.
  • Limitations on Trip Duration: Your travel insurance won’t be valid in case you surpass the pre-determined limit even by a single day. Therefore, do not forget to check the number of consecutive days that you would be covered for.
  • Sports and adventurous trip: Compare travel insurance policies of different insurers to check if they offer coverage for sports or adventurous activities during your travel.
  • Personal belongings: Your insurance company would not pay you in case you act negligent in taking care of your belongings. There are certain insurance providers that offer theft or accidental loss of cash in case you are pick-pocketed.
  • Missed flight: Compare travel insurance policies to check if they offer coverage in case you miss a flight.
  • Flight cancellations: You might fall sick on the day of your travel. Trip cancellation is one important factor that you should consider before buying a travel insurance plan.
  • Additional benefits: You can enhance your travel insurance plan with add-ons such as easy approval, free support, free cover for children, etc.


Yes, you can file a claim in India within 30 days after your return, or after the trip ends

Almost all the travel insurance companies offer coverage for in-patient medical services, out-patient medical services, blood-tests, X-ray, ambulance and transportation expenses, any other diagnostic tests that may be covered under this plan, etc.


You very well know that you’ve paid for it but are hoping to never require using it! When you file an insurance claim, you probably have suffered some type of loss or damage that is insured by your Insurer. This is when your Insurer offers you coverage and compensation for the losses covered or for the damages after validating your claim. So it is vital to be familiar with the claim process to avoid any headache at the later stage.

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