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Owning that stylish, swanky car is one of the dreams that you always wanted to realize in life.

However, one accident can spoil that dream. Your car may break down in a water-logged road, it may come under a falling tree damaging the roof top, or it may meet with a freak accident. A Car Insurance covers the financial loss due to any such damage to the car. There are two-types of a car insurance claim processes –comprehensive insurance claim and third-party insurance claim.

Types of Car Insurance Claims

Comprehensive Claims

Comprehensive Claims

Your car might have suffered losses and damages in a minor or a major accident. With comprehensive car insurance in place, you can make a claim for damages to your car in an accident or for theft of your car. With a comprehensive car insurance plan, you can claim injuries/damages that are caused to a third-party other as well as to your own car.

Third Party Claims

Third Party Claims

If your car is involved in an accident damaging someone else’s property or vehicle, or injuring a third-party, this third-party will expect you to pay for the damages or for the disabilities or injuries suffered. What would you do? Well, this is when your third-party car insurance would come into the picture.

Step by Step process for making Car Insurance Claims?

  • Intimating your car insurance company: Informing your car insurance company as soon as the incident occurs is very important. There might be timelines that your insurer may have, so do follow the same.  You may call on the toll-free number of your car insurance company to register a claim.

  • Lodging a FIR: Yes, informing the cops is very important. If you think you are smart enough and that you can conveniently miss out on this step, you are absolutely WRONG! Your car insurance claim won’t be settled without a FIR in place. Do keep a copy of the FIR for your future reference too

  • Evaluation of the damages caused: The insurance company will assign a verifier or a surveyor to inspect your car once you intimate the claim. If you wish to avail the cashless claim, you can get your car towed at the nearest network garage to get the repairs done. Experts suggest not to tow the car on your own. Mostly, car insurance companies align a schedule for the inspection within a day or two of the car insurance claim.

  • Claim settlement: Once the scrutiny of your car takes place your car insurance company will send you as well as the garage a letter of approval for the estimated repair costs. The settlement would be done by your car insurer directly to the garage in case you go the cashless way. However, if you follow the reimbursement style, you will have to pay from your pocket first and then claim the amount from your insurer.

  • Intimating the cops: Intimate the cops as soon as possible post the incident. Either you or the third-party involved would be required to file a FIR at a local police station. Do keep a copy of the FIR for your future reference too, especially if you are aware that the third-party property was damaged due to your negligence.
  • Share the car insurance policy documents: Even if you do not wish to, you will have to share your car insurance policy documents to the third-party for them to make a claim.

  • Claiming in the Motor Tribunal: The third-party would be required to make a claim at the Motor Tribunal as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. This can be done either at the accident spot or at a place where the victim resides or the driver involved resides or the owner of the insured car resides.

  • Lodge a FIR: You will definitely freak out on knowing that your car has been stolen. Therefore, follow the first step of lodging a FIR at the soonest possible in a local cop station.
  • Inform your insurer: Immediately raise a claim for your stolen car post completing step1. You will need to submit documents such as your car’s RC book, FIR copy, the first two pages of your car insurance policy document and the driver’s license copy. You will also need to submit the detailed letter that should be addressed to the Regional Transport Office.

Some of the frequently asked questions about Car Insurance Claims

It is best to consider the following factors, before comparing car insurance plans:

•        Premium and coverage: The premium that you pay should be lighter on your pocket along with a wholesome coverage. You can buy add-ons as per your requirement at an additional cost

•        Network garages: Ensure that the car insurance that you opt for offers a good number of empaneled authorized garages.

•        Claim settlement: Before you buy a car insurance plan, check the claim settlement ratio, credibility of and time taken to settle these claims by the insurance provider.


A comprehensive car insurance offers coverage against any damages or loss occurred due to natural disasters such as hurricane, floods, earthquake, heavy rains, etc. However, it is important that you go through the car insurance policy document thoroughly before opting one.

Usually a comprehensive car insurance policy covers any loss or damage caused due to rodents, pests, animal collision and attacks. But, your third-party insurance doesn’t offer coverage for any damages caused due to animal attacks. Therefore, it is best to opt for a comprehensive car insurance policy.

It is important that you keep the following documents in your car while plying on Indian roads:

•        Car Insurance Copy

•        The Registration certificate (RC) book copy

•        The Pollution Under Control copy (PUC)

•        Driving license copy of the person driving

Natural Disaster Cover

A comprehensive car insurance offers coverage against any damages or loss occurred due to natural disasters such as hurricane, floods, earthquake, heavy rains, etc. However, it is important that you go through the car insurance policy document thoroughly before opting one.

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