Invest your savings in smart investment avenues!

You save a rupee and that’s how you earn one! It is good to splurge on yourself but at the same time make sure to save some portion of your hard earned money. There are a couple of smart investment avenues that would encourage you to ‘save’.

For some people, being “rich” is nothing but having a big house, a luxurious car and a hefty bank balance. If you still wonder whether you fall in this ‘rich’ category or not, you better ask yourself a life-changing question! Do you have more bucks today than what you had last month? If your answer is positive, then certainly you are on the right track! If you get a negative one, then it’s time for you to pull your socks up! ‘Savings’ is one habit that you need to inculcate in yourself in order to meet your short and long term financial goals. .

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