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Child Insurance plans offer flexible payouts to meet crucial milestones of your child’s life


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Child Insurance plans offer flexible payouts to meet crucial milestones of your child’s life.

When you buy a life insurance plan, it is vital that you figure out who will receive the money that the policies pays, once you are gone. So, it is important to understand the role of a nominee and the manner in which a child insurance plan works

How to buy the best Child Plans in India?

Economic factors

Economic factors

Always consider various economic conditions such as inflation, cost of education and standard of living, etc. while selecting the best child insurance plan. These factors will help you know the actual costs or expenses for your child’s future needs.

Be an early bird

Be an early bird

Experts suggest investing in a child insurance plan at the earliest possible. This will help in building a large corpus to fulfil your child’s future needs. It would be wise to invest in a child plan when your child is a year old than invest when he is 12 years old

Premium waiver benefit

Premium waiver benefit

In case of death of the parent during the policy tenure, insurance companies waive off the future premiums, continue the policy and the child receives all the plan benefits at maturity. This can also be taken as a rider.

Policy terms and conditions

Policy terms and conditions

It is important to understand the policy terms and conditions before buying the same. This is how you will understand the functioning of the child insurance plan, its benefits and the returns that the plan offers. Comparing various child insurance plans considering what is covered and what is not, will help you buy the best child insurance plan.

Step-by-Step Procedure for claiming Child Plans

It is best to buy a child insurance plan from an insurer who boasts of a high claim settlement ratio. This will ensure a quick and hassle-free claim process and settlement during the tough times. Mentioned below is the step-by-step procedure for claiming child plans

  • Inform your insurer immediately about the incident that has taken place. You may visit the nearest branch office or even call on their toll-free number or even send an email
  • Submit the claim form and provide other details such as the particulars of the policy, name of the beneficiary, the date as well as cause of the incident, etc.
  • On successful registration of the claim, submit other reports and supporting documents

  • The insurance company will then appoint an assessor for verification of the documents as well as the case
  • In case your claim gets approved, there won’t be any further investigation done and the insurer will transfer the claim benefit within 30 days of furnishing the documents

Some of the frequently asked questions about Child Insurance Claims

Mentioned below is the list of documents required for avoiding any claim rejection. These documents may vary on a case-to-case basis.

  • Death certificate
  • Duly filled claim form
  • Prescriptions
  • Diagnostic reports
  • Policy document
  • Medical certificate
  • KYC of insured and nominee
  • NEFT details
  • FIR copy (unnatural death)
  • Postmortem report(unnatural death)


Yes. You can avail the rider benefits offered by the insurance company to gain additional protection and benefits.

This depends on the policy holder’s requirement and the size of the cover. One can start with a minimum premium of Rs 500 every month. The premium may vary from insurer to insurer.


You very well know that you’ve paid for it but are hoping to never require using it! When you file an insurance claim, you probably have suffered some type of loss or damage that is insured by your Insurer. This is when your Insurer offers you coverage and compensation for the losses covered or for the damages after validating your claim. So it is vital to be familiar with the claim process to avoid any headache at the later stage.

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