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How to shop for the best car insurance in India


Buying a car insurance policy is mandatory in India, but zeroing down on the best car insurance that too at an affordable rate is trickier! This article highlights the smart way of shopping for the best car insurance in India.


You might have witnessed yourselves or come across friends or relatives for first buying a product and then cribbing for not getting a steel deal! What comes next? Frustration, anger and disappointment thinking of not getting the product at a comparatively cheaper rate.


Just to avoid the same feeling especially if your price-conscious while shopping for car insurance, check out some super-duper knacks that would help you get the best car insurance in India.


1. Compare and renew online

Did you actually take the pains to go online and compare the quotes, features and benefits of different car insurers online? If yes, then you have won half the battle to get the best car insurance in India! Comparing quotes of top notch car insurance providers online would give you a better idea of weighing the premiums against the advantages that they offer. Besides, renewing car insurance online would fetch you better discounts since insurers save a lot on the administrative cost and at other areas. These savings are then offered to you in the form of discounts by the insurers.


2. Because change is the only constant

Just like seasons, people too tend to change. Somewhere deep down you might be confident enough that your insurance company is the best. But, just as we change our jobs for better prospects and bright future, it is necessary that you look out for better options if you feel that insurers in the market are offering better car insurance quotes with better features. It doesn’t make sense to buy a car insurance plan just for the heck of it and then feel the pinch by burning a hole to your pocket.


3. Don’t shy away to ask for discounts

You might be a bargain hunter when you shop on the streets. Then what’s the big deal in shying away to ask for discounts from your car insurance provider? We can understand the fact that they are not any local vegetable vendors, but asking for discounts apart from the no claim bonus would help you strike a good deal and help you get the best car insurance in India.


4. Don’t fall for cheaper premiums

Most of us fall prey for buying car insurance with a cheapest premium. But, remaining underinsured, would hit you bad as you may end up burning a hole to your pocket for the money that you saved. In order to get the best car insurance in India, always keep features, benefits and exclusions offered by the car insurance company as your primary comparison metrics and ‘premium’ as a secondary one. Buying a car insurance policy suiting your budget is okay but the one helping you out during claims would be your best deal ever!


5. Have a check on the deductibles

With the help of internet, it is important that you carry on a hard-core research on thebest insurance companies in India to narrow down your search on the best car insurance in India.For this as a practice, you compare the quotes, features and benefits. For that matter even the exclusions! But, you miss out on the ‘deductibles’! The simple formula is, lower the deductibles, higher would be the premium. If you feel you are a safe driver and have had claim free years in the past, you can certainly opt for a higher deductible.


6. Check reviews and run a background check

If you wish to get the best car insurance in India, you need to take out time to review and carry on a background check of the insurance company you wish to opt for. All you need to do is go online, investigate the financial standing of the company and minutely check the claim settlement ratio. After all, the company’s efficiency to settle your claims fairly depends on the claim settlement ratio.


Follow the above tricks to obtain the best car insurance in India. Comparing is the key that would help to ensure that you find the best car insurance plan suitable to your pocket as well as your needs.


Happy Shopping!



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