Inclusions and Exclusions under Office Package Policy

The office package insurance, as the very name suggests, is insurance designed and offered by almost all the top players of the market to help owners safeguard their commercial properties/offices in an event of an unlikely situation. Without insurance for your office, the fear of untoward events hitting you will keep hovering over your head as an owner. Therefore, it is imperative that you have insurance to protect your office premises, infrastructure, assets and above all, people working in your office. Hence, the importance and need of an office package policy, which covers commercial offices, government offices, software development office, BPO call centres, ITES, manufacturing units, warehouse office premises etc.

If you are the one who wants to buy an insurance policy for your office, it’s important for you to know what the policy covers and what not. To know the same, continue reading below.

Peculiar features of office package policy

Just before we start discussing what the policy includes and what not, I think it’s the right time we discuss some peculiar features of what we call as office package in brief. The insurance policy for office protects against the property, provides money insurance, personal accident coverage, electronic installation, additional rent for accommodation, and covers fire as well as dishonesty of employees.

What office package policy includes

Now it’s the time right enough to discuss what factors the policy includes

  • Earthquake and fire: an office package policy will cover any damage that earthquake does to the building, premises and valuable assets of the organization. Additionally, it will also protect the interests of the owner in the situation of fire.
  • Terrorism, Theft, Burglary: So other than the natural elements, the damage caused to the property through an act of terrorism is also covered under the office package policy. Theft of goods from the insured property or any violent activity carried out that results in loss of property and assets will be covered under the policy.
  • Flood, lightening, accidental death of employees: Floods damaging the insured property or cost to install safety devices to prevent damage from the lightning will be covered by the policy. Also if an employee is injured or dies owing to an accident will also be covered under the policy.
  • Other things covered: Apart from the factors just mentioned, office package insurance also covers loss of baggage during official tours, damage towards publicity material, expenses incurred towards housekeeping service due to the damage to the property, damage of glass and misuse of official information.

What office package policy excludes

  • Ageing, intentional damage, normal wear and tear: Office owners should know that the policy doesn’t cover the ageing or say steady depreciation to equipment, machinery, furniture, etc. Secondly, intentional damage done to anything insured under the property will not be covered nor the normal wear and tear of the property.
  • Loss due to war, pollution, illegal activities, nuclear/atomic radiation: The loss or damage to the property done due to war or warlike situation, pollution, atomic/nuclear radiation and illegal activities are not covered under the office insurance package.
  • Loss of business revenue, loss owing to supplier’s fault: Coverage for any property damaged due to any natural elements or human mistakes will be confined to the property value only and not the business loss that results because of it. Secondly, any loss that occurs owing to the suppliers’ fault won’t be covered either.


Office package insurance policy is one of the important factors that help owners to protect their interests in untoward events. However, before buying such a policy from any company, it is important to know all the important details and compare them at different platforms.


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