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Why is Health Insurance Policy Evaluation Essential?


Health Insurance as we all know is the most important policy one should have and most of them believe in the myth that the health insurance policy is required only once you are old or when you are prone to some deadly disease and do not know many positive facts and facilities about health insurance. 


But, lately there have been many frauds conducted and the consumers are misusing the policy and their claims and facilities by falsifying death and intentionally showing the accident when it actually didn’t even happens. 


It is also necessary for the consumer to evaluate on what policy he or she is taking only the coverage and the tenure amount is not necessary there are many other factors too to evaluate and then buy a health insurance policy. Here listing a few of them.


  • Coverage: How much coverage you and your family member are getting is the most important thing to check on. It should not be like that the premium amount is way higher than the things covered in your insurance policy. The sum assured should always be the healthy one and not only the disease but if any critical illness has occurred or accidental health or disability then all of these have to be covered in your insurance policy.


  • Convenient purchase: As things have gone digital now, there is no need to buy a policy offline and wasting time and energy. It is always better to make the payments online. There are better options online rather than offline in terms of paying the premium as well. Hence, when things can be better at ease, why to go for something difficult!


  • Cost of the policy: Premium amount of the policy differs from one insurance company to other company. However, it is advisable to not opt for policies basis just the premium amount. It is important to even check for other important factors apart from the premium.


  • Client servicing: Make sure wherever you buy the policy from the customer support team should be super active because things happen suddenly and when they are not in help when required there is no point buying a policy or paying a good amount of premium for it. All the modes of contact such as phone, email or web chat should be available for you 24*7 in any need as it is all digital now no one will really go to the center for the queries and waste time-solving their queries there.


Last but not the least, look at what company you are investing into because that company should not be in debt or less funded. This is because if the company itself could not bear the expenses and settle your claims at the required moment, then the main purpose of buying a health insurance policy would be in vain.


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